Community Investment
January 15, 2024

We do business a little differently.

North Central Co-op’s profits are shared with our members and reinvested right here at home in our local community and economy. It’s in our nature to operate with a strong social conscience and to support initiatives that help feed, fuel and build healthy, vibrant communities.

Working co-operatively, we are always open to supporting like-minded organizations. Especially those that strive to improve our communities in the areas of youth education, youth sports and recreation, community growth, health and wellness, and the environment. 

We have a responsibility to our members, customers and employees to align with organizations and charities that make an impact locally and that are loyal to their local Co-op. Every year, we give back approximately $300,000 to local initiatives that help strengthen the communities where we live, work and play.

To help track our philanthropic efforts and to give equal opportunity to those applying for support, we now only accept requests through our online Community Investment Application.

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