Annual General Meeting
May 22, 2024
Thank you to everyone that participated in our hybrid 2024 Annual General Meeting and actively voted on the motions put forward by our Board. Following our 2024 Board Election, we are pleased to announce North Central Co-op Board of Directors.

  • Taras Nohas, Chair
  • Tom Goulden, Vice Chair
  • C. Christina Jones, Director & Member Relations Committee Chair
  • Tammy Parks-Legge, Director & Governance Committee Chair
  • Mark Radke, Director & FAERM Committee Chair
  • Dianne Brown, Director
  • Ben Antifaiff, Director
  • Thiago Braga, Director (Newly Elected)
  • John Gilchrist, Director (Newly Elected)

North Central Co-op's Board of Directors for 2024 consists of an exceptional group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience, dedication, and enthusiasm to their roles. We express our sincere gratitude to each member for accepting the responsibilities and commitments associated with serving on our Board. Together, we are confident in their ability to lead our cooperative towards a prosperous future, focused on the well-being and satisfaction of our members.

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