Service Awards
November 3, 2022

Congratulations to all the North Central Co-op team members that have met career milestones this year. To recognize their accomplishments and celebrate their contribution to the Co-operative Retailing System, North Central Co-op held an intimate Service Awards ceremony on November 2, 2022 at the Fantasyland Hotel.

This year, over 20 team members were acknowledged for their commitment to serving our communities and the awards ranged from five to 45 years-of-service.

5 Years Service Awards (left to right)

  • Ashley Block, Hawkstone Food
  • Candace Kline, Administration
  • Donna Kew, Stony Plain Home Centre
  • Bernie Gaboury, Stony Plain Home Centre
  • Robert Dyck, Stony Plain Home Centre
  • Sabine Schug, Emerald Hills Gas Bar
  • Sid Hawker, Chappelle Food
  • Kenneth Tieszen, Delton Gas Bar
  • Breanne Traficante, Town Centre Food
  • Aaron Laschuk, Emerald Hill Gas Bar (not pictured)
  • Louella Wolf, Chappelle Food (not pictured)
  • Roberta Andrea, Hawkstone Food (not pictured)
  • Gerrit Den Adel, Hawkstone Food (not pictured)
  • Deborah Kidd, Hawkstone Food (not pictured)
  • Shanil Kumar, Albany Gas Bar (not pictured)
  • Holly Lindquist, Station Square Food (not pictured)
  • Josephine Mahawan, Station Square Pharmacy (not pictured)
  • Catherine Melmore, Stony Plain Home Centre (not pictured)
  • Menali Panchal, Town Centre Pharmacy (not pictured)
  • Ryan Prentice, Silverberry Gas Bar (not pictured)

10 Years Service Awards (left to right)

  • Linda Guathier, Stony Plain Gas Bar
  • Dawn Fetter, Administration
  • Christopher Bieniek, Town Centre Food
  • Tina Bruneau, Station Square Food
  • Gerald Bourhis, Delton Gas Bar
  • Jenel Catlin Sapon, Town Centre Pharmacy
  • Graham Smith, Delton Gas Bar
  • Joyce Goutbeck, Station Square Food (not pictured)
  • Mandeep Dhillon, Town Centre Food (not pictured)
  • Mike Steptoe, Stony Plaine Home Centre (not pictured)
  • Keyana Woods, Town Centre Food (not pictured)

15 Years Service Awards (left to right)

  • Karen McLauchlan, Station Square Food
  • Dustyn Ryll, Stony Plain Bulk Petroleum
  • Tanya Glidden, Town Centre Food
  • Jill Batke, Hawkstone Food
  • Chad Keist, Stony Plain Bulk Petroleum (not pictured)
  • Ken Cheung, Hawkstone Food (not pictured)
  • Kulwant Gill, Town Centre Food (not pictured)
  • Thomas Harris, Stony Plain Home Centre (not pictured)
  • Humaira Shafqat, Town Centre Food (not pictured)

  20 Years Service Awards

              • Cynthia Howard, Station Square Food

  25 Years Service Awards

              • Cory Dament, Station Square Food

  35 Years Service Awards

              • Karen Bobryk Beaulieu, Town Centre Pharmacy

  45 Years Service Awards

              • Yvonne Tooke, Town Centre Food