May 28, 2020 is now available at
our Hawkstone, Chappelle and Fort Saskatchewan Food Stores!

How To Order:

  1. Visit Choose Hawkstone, Chappelle or Fort Saskatchewan as your location.
  2. Create an account and make sure to add your Co-op number.
  3. Shop for your groceries! You can shop and filter by departments or this week’s deals. Orders need to be a minimum of $50.
  4. When you complete your order, add your credit card information and select an open timeslot to pick up your groceries. Available timeslots will be shown for the next 10 days.

How To Pick Up:

During your reserved timeslot, come to our Hawkstone Chappelle or Fort Saskatchewan Co-op Food Store and pull up in the parcel pickup lane in front of the store. There will be signage out front and a phone number you will call. Provide your name and order number and a team member will come and load the groceries into your car within a few minutes.

North Central Co-op plans to offer this service at our other Food Store locations in the coming months! In the meantime, you can always send us your list online. Stay tuned.