Aged to Perfection
May 21, 2021

Dry Aging at Co-op

Dry Aging is a longstanding technique that delivers unparalleled flavour and Co-op is one of the only traditional grocers to bring this tradition to your table.

Dry Age Beef starts with premium cuts of AAA 100% Western Canadian Beef carefully selected and shipped from our supplier in High River, Alberta. The dry aging process is the way all beef used to be aged up until the 1970s when vacuum packaging was brought to the meat industry.

Dry aging is a time-honoured tradition where primal beef cuts are aged for 28-50+ days in a controlled open air environment. During the process the external surface of the meat becomes hard and envelops the meat with a crust. The beef inside the crust develops a fine rich concentrated flavor and tender texture as the natural moisture in the muscle is evaporated. Natural enzymes from the beef break down tissue and tenderizes the meat.

When the beef has reached the desired age the outer crust is carefully removed and the meat can be cut into steaks or roasts which have an incredible flavour and tenderness. Typically this high quality cut of beef is only served in the finest of restaurants

Cook and serve our dry-aged steaks or roasts as you would any top-grade beef.